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Mao's biography
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Reading the first few chapters of Mao's biography:

1、 As a great man like Chairman Mao, he fought and sacrificed too much for the Chinese nation and China. His relatives also supported him. Perhaps it is because of family affection and blood (passive and involved), they also sacrificed a lot, a lot, or even most of them lost their lives very early. Life is the most precious, for everyone, Therefore, it is said that the price of greatness and the price of heroes are really incomprehensible to ordinary people. On the contrary, if you are not great, you can choose ordinary, because ordinary people can't pay or afford the price of sacrifice.

2、 Mao's fighting spirit and willpower are extraordinary. Mao's instinct for learning and knowledge has indomitable vitality. In reality and situation, when the nation is in danger, he sometimes gives in briefly, but he has never been knocked down. I also think, the Chinese nation ... What flows in the blood all the time... Is continuing and inheriting, and the Chinese nation is on the road of rejuvenation.


    一 、像毛主席一样的伟大的人,他为中华民族,中国奋斗,战斗,牺牲的太多,太大,他的亲人们同样支持他,或许说是亲情血缘之故(被动的,卷入的),同样都是牺牲很多,很大,甚至是大部分很早地失去了生命,生命是最宝贵的,对每个人而言都是,故有大家小家之说,伟大的代价,英雄的代价实在是常人无法理解的。反之,伟大不了,则可以选择平常,因为,为之牺牲的代价,常人们付出不了,也付不起。

   二、 毛的斗争精神,意志力,超乎寻常。毛的求学,求知的本能,有着顽强不屈的生命力,现实与形势,民族危难之际,有时亦短暂地屈服,但却从未被打倒,我亦是想,中华民族...血液里时刻流淌着的……在延续,在传承,中华民族正在复兴的大道上。

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