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The Healthiest Labor Relations
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The Healthiest Labor Relations

Look, let the good Jingrong's culture and genes be passed on.
I just showed you the resume I wrote on my job-hunting resume N years ago. I will turn it back to you today, because we are working as a part-time worker with a grateful heart. In addition to thanking the previous employer for the training At the same time, I am grateful to my colleagues for their hard work for Jingrong.

I hope my colleagues can learn some truth from this matter. In my resume, I wrote "Profit for the company, do my best for customers, work for leaders, and work together for colleagues! ", these 20 words are still churning in my mind to this day. I especially want to send it to you all at the same time. "Profit for the company, do your best for customers, work for leaders, and work together for colleagues! 

In addition, we have mentioned, what is a healthy labor-management relationship? That is, what is a healthy relationship between the worker and the boss?

I personally think that there are two realms: The first realm: Mutual trust, mutual support, mutual cooperation and common growth. Note: Mutual trust (the foundation of trust is sincerity and honesty, which is the first value of Jingrong), after mutual trust, we will support each other, cooperate with each other, and then achieve common growth. The second realm: the strong and the strong join forces and achieve each other.

To grow together, from the weak to the strong, it is necessary to achieve the alliance between the strong and the strong and achieve each other. Thank you for watching, and welcome to join Jingrong KRECO.


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