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De sinicization ?
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At present, the whole world is in the process of de sinicization. This trend seems not to be shifted by human will for the time being, because the successful experience of "Made in China" has made other countries understand that they can rely on manufacturing industry to become a powerful country, and they can learn from China.
Of course, learning from "Made in China" is the trend of the general trend. Many countries are going to de sinicize in their bones. To make in China, the future market must be a fully competitive market, And China's low-cost advantage will not be so attractive, and will be replaced by other countries.
Most countries can produce their own industries, industries, and supply chains. If they can do it themselves, they will try their best not to import, or if they have strength and are competitive with the products on the market, they will export. This price is also a very important link.

Therefore, I believe that the way for China's future development lies in scientific and technological innovation. Manufacturing industry represented by high technology, high and sophisticated industrialization level or other branded industries with high added value will gradually rise in China, and this road will be a very bumpy road. With the suppression of the United States and the containment of other countries in the world, China should go out of a road of self revitalization.

Maybe it's culture, maybe it's technology, maybe it's brand, maybe it's franchise, maybe it's patent, etc

All this remains to be seen.

The road is made by people. As long as there are people, there will be roads.

-by Billy from KRECO