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Let the God of Wealth know that his choice is correct and that money has a good home.
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It is not easy for us.
In Chinese, it is the fate of the previous life. We can work together and do a career together.

As we all know, the meaning of the eight words is to know how to make good use of people, to disperse wealth and gather people, and to carry things with great virtue.
And what I want to say is that I would rather take the greatest responsibility than let you suffer losses. In Ren Zhengfei's words, I will never let Comrade Lei Feng suffer losses.

Dividends, I would rather give most of the money to you shareholders, weak water 3000, I only take a gourd ladle, and I also hope to give you a little more of my gourd ladle. 

We talk about feelings, feelings, because we are human beings, but the work can not be Buddhist, Buddhist companies are the most vulnerable, 99.99% of Buddhist companies have been or are facing bankruptcy, to be a company, to be a person, we must toss and turn, to strive for the best, not for anything else, but as a person, at least the spirit of doing things, without the spirit, what can we do?
We love money and want to be protected. This is human nature, and there is nothing wrong with it.Money requires us to serve customers, serve the market and earn it back. It is given to us by our God of Wealth. We should thank them every day and let the God of Wealth know that his choice is correct and that money has a good home.
Of course, if a gentleman loves money, he must take it in a proper way. 

We must strengthen the red line of social law.
But we should have principles in our work, and our feelings should serve our work, but we should not be slaves of our work.
Therefore, I would rather work first, feelings second, humanization, but also people-oriented. So that we can care about all aspects. 






Billy Chu